Are You Looking To Have Your Attic Cleaned-Out and Free Of Raccoon Feces?

(we offer Full Attic Restoration Services)Raccoon Feces bannerRaccoons Feces within the structure of your home or building can be scary for most property owners. We can help you fully restore your attic and remove raccoon poop for your attic. Raccoon pooping on the roof, in the attic, or in crawl spaces can be a health hazard. Especially when the raccoons are pooping on or around your central air system. CAUTION: Blowing raccoon feces diseases through your A/C unit or heating unit can be harmful to you or your family. We can clean out raccoon feces and install new attic insulation at you location. Here are process for attic restoration. Step 1 – Remove raccoons from attic and crawlspace, if any are present(Trapping Raccoon). Step 2 – Seal up any openings that lead into the affected areas, this will keep other pest from re-entering your attic, crawlspace or walls and causing more damage. Step 3 – Remove raccoon feces, nesting, damaged insulation, etc. Step 4 – Attic fogging with a disinfectant agent in all contaminated areas of your property is the key step for a healthy attic or crawlspace.  fogging will help get rid of oils, grease and urine that has dried out from the raccoons, these pheromone that attract other animals or raccoons if left behind.

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The attic is fogged with mist machine, which dispenses the special enzyme-based biohazard cleaner.  This special cleaner destroys organic matter specifically, without affecting the structure. It kills the pathogens and breaks down urine, grease, and animal poop, effectively “digesting” it with time.  It renders the waste inert, and importantly, eliminates the pheromone odor left behind by the animals.  It’s very important to get rid of the animal smell, because the scent of animals living in an area can attract new animals of the same kind, or even predator animals.


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Nuisance raccoons cause health concerns for You, your family and your pets. Most diseases are transferred only through direct contact, although the droppings within a structure can cause extremely harmful diseases (Histoplasmosis, Hanta-virus, Roundworm, Giardia lambliaetc.). Simply being near a raccoon is not considered a risk. Pets should receive regular vaccinations from your veterinarian to reduce risk. Report any direct contact with your pets to your county’s animal control office. Any human contact (scratch, bite, etc.) with raccoons should be reported to the county health department immediately as well.