Do you have dead raccoons?Dead Raccoon Removal in attic or crawlspaceHaving a dead raccoon in your attic or crawlspace, sometimes even dead in your walls can be a smelly situation. Dead   raccoon smell in house can attract all types of insects and disease, not to mention other nuisance animals which hope to  feed on the carcass. Of course, the smell and/or sight are also offensive. If a raccoon has died on your property and you do not wish to dispose of it yourself due to health concerns or other reasons, we can & will remove it for you. If dead raccoon is within structure of your home or office, we can find its location and remove the dead raccoon. This may involve some demolition, for example, cutting the drywall of a ceiling or wall in which a dead rodent is located. (Repairs are estimated before demoliting and extra cost for repairs) Step 1 – Locate dead raccoon. Step 2 – Removal dead raccoon. Step 3 – apply a special odor digesting enzyme to the affected area that helps control and remove the odor.
Repairs and Clean-up

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After the raccoon is removed we can provide a quote to repair most of the materials that we may have to dismantle. Common dead raccoon services require: repair of drywall, siding repair, insulation clean-up, repair of decks, as well as deodorizing the affected area. Urban Wildlife Tech can repair all areas. Step – 1 We do an initial inspection of locating every hole. we will check the attic, crawlspace to make sure there are no raccoons or other animals present. Step 2 – Repair all holes or raccoon entry ways, using only high grade materials to ensure raccoons or other wildlife wont re-enter. Step 3 – Remove raccoon feces, nesting, damaged insulation, etc. Step 4 – Attic fogging with a disinfectant agent in all contaminated areas of your property is the key step for a healthy attic or crawlspace. Fogging will help get rid of raccoon oils, grease and urine that has dried out from the raccoons, these pheromone that attract other animals or raccoons if left behind.