Have Raccoons Damages your property seeking shelter?Damages cuased by raccoonsWe witness daily on how raccoons can destroy rooflines, roof eave’s, wall siding, soffits, vents, screens and wiring. We know from firsthand experience that raccoons do significant damage to your home or business. We can locate and repair any damages caused by raccoons at your property. Not only can we repair it, we will make sure no wildlife can get into your home, attic, walls, or crawlspace.Raccoon Barrier Attic

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Step – 1 We do an initial inspection of locating every hole. we will check the attic, crawlspace to make sure there are no raccoons or other animals present. Step 2 – Repair all holes or raccoon entry ways, using only high grade materials to ensure raccoons or other wildlife wont re-enter. Step 3 – Remove raccoon feces, nesting, damaged insulation, etc. Step 4 – Attic fogging with a disinfectant agent in all contaminated areas of your property is the key step for a healthy attic or crawlspace. Fogging will help get rid of raccoon oils, grease and urine that has dried out from the raccoons, these are pheromone that attract other animals or raccoons if left behind.

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